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October  2019 - Regional Update

Membership Report:  Wow! Hosting the largest membership count globally as of September 2019, the TICA Northeast Region is home to 663 members!

A New TICA NE Show in Seekonk, MA:  The NE Region is proud to announce a new, all-in-one show in Seekonk, MA on November 16th and 17th. Let your felines frolic in the region's inaugural Harvest Feline Festival! Visit the Official TICA Show Calendar for more details.

Mark your calendars for the remaining 2019 Northeast shows:

Nauticats Cat Club, Oct 19-20 in Quebec City, Quebec

Cats Ahoy Cat Club, Oct 19-20 in Hartford, CT

Nauticats Cat Club, Nov 2-3 in Montreal, Quebec

Clawsome Cats, Nov 16-17 in Seekonk, MA

Canuck Cat Club, Nov 23-24 in Mississauga, Ontario

NE October Member Spotlight - David Billingsley: The Northeast Region is honored to feature Maine Coon breeder and long-time member, David Billingsley. He was recognized by fellow TICA Northeast members, friends and Maine Coon breeders at the Northeast Regional Banquet in July. The following tribute was presented:"On behalf of the Northeast Maine Coon breeders, we have a special honor to present. This honor recognizes an individual who has made important contributions to the breed we love so much. First, if you ever don't know what color your cat is (and this happens more than you would think), this is who we turn to. If you ever have a question about a Punnett Square, this is who we turn to. If you don’t know the difference between cooties and agoutis, this is your guy. You can call him Cloistercoon, if you have sought his advice. If you have known him as a friend, you can call him David. But don’t, whatever you do, ever call him or any cat, “merle”. In recognition of his encyclopedic knowledge of the Maine Coon colors and patterns, and of his diligence in bringing the ticked tabby Maine Coon to the forefront of the cat fancy, we wish to present David Billingsley this Honorary Doctorate of Maine Coon Colors and Pattern Genetics."The TICA Northeast Region thanks David for sharing his endless knowledge, his warm smile in the show hall, and his passion for the Maine Coon breed.

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